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Boat Transport Cost

Boat Transport Cost can be more than you were expecting.  Especially with increasing fuel prices as we approach the busy spring season. Ways to reduce the cost legitimately are few but here are some ideas: Reduce unnecessary weight Reduce the height if the boat is over 12’ Provide accurate dimensions to avoid add on charges Make

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Covid-19 Boats

During the Pandemic many folks resorted to buying boats to be able to get outside with their loved ones in distanced safe spaces. Since none of us really knew how dire or contagious Covid-19 was we worked to keep our families safe and still enjoy some life in 2020, 2021 & some of 2022. Boat

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Brokers, what do they do?

Most people seem to hate the middleman. However, a professional broker earns their money and is not just the guy or girl that gets the gravy. Yes, a broker is the middle man. But that can work to your advantage. A good broker can reach out within their industry to business associates, potential clients or

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Small Boat Transport

Boats on their own trailers called a Tow N Go or a Drive-a-way by a Small Boat Company. Flagship Boat Transport hauls many small boats on their own trailers and ones needing a trailer. Now you have your Boat Transportation Quote and have made your choice of a Boat Movers – remember when transporting your

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Prepare for Early Boat Transport

Boat Transport – be it Yacht Transport or Small Boat Transport is best arranged in advance. Do not wait ‘til the last minute to find a Boat Mover. Flagship moves many small boats on their own trailers early in the season as well as helping the snow birds get back north once spring arrives. Many

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Transporting your Yacht

Yacht Transport can be time consuming and nerve racking without the right transporter. Flagship Boat Transport handles all kinds of Boat Transportation – Small Boat Transport is fairly easy. Yacht Transportation is more complicated. Moving a Yacht needs a professional driver, more than likely an escort or two, and a good dispatcher and/or navigator. Here

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One Eyed Pirates? No, One-Eyed Trucks

In traveling the highways and by-ways of America, it is a running joke about the number of one-eyed Chevrolet trucks we see.  If it wasn’t a tad scary it would be hysterical. Yet it is a way to pass the time as we handle Boat Transport pickups/deliveries. Even my 93 year old father-in-law, who still

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I have a hard time with weaknesses in others. I have weaknesses, yet I try hard to work on them and the desire to be a better person drives me. Weaknesses that bother me the most are laziness, obstinacy, tardiness and lying. Winter is a time to slow down in our Boat Transport industry. It

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Know Your Boat Preparations

Who is going to prep your Boat Shipment – The marina, boatyard, you or a subcontractor? Most drivers do not carry the proper tools and supplies to prep your vessel for transport. Drivers are boat transporters not boat preparation experts. A seasoned Boat Transporter know what needs to be done to prep a boat properly,

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Provide Accurate Info for Boat Transport Quotes

Motors or out drives need to be in the raised position. Measure the overall length of your vessel, remembering to include out drives or motors, bow pulpits, swim platforms, and motor brackets in insure you provide your boat transporter an accurate dimension. You want to make sure your driver has the correct trailer to accommodate

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