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Provide Accurate Info for Boat Transport Quotes

Motors or out drives need to be in the raised position. Measure the overall length of your vessel, remembering to include out drives or motors, bow pulpits, swim platforms, and motor brackets in insure you provide your boat transporter an accurate dimension. You want to make sure your driver has the correct trailer to accommodate your vessel.

To measure the height of your boat, measure from the highest part of the vessel, which is not removable, to the bottom of the keel or the lowest point of the vessel’s props and rudders. Height is one of the biggest factors in Boat Transportation Cost – but in cost overrun as well if the boat is taller than you thought. The ideal height is 12’ from the lowest point to the tallest point of the boat. This saves time and money for you and the driver.

To measure the beam of the boat, you measure the widest portion of the vessel and include anything that is attached to it alongside. The beam being wider than the driver thought based on the specs you provided can be one of the easiest way to damage the vessel. Nobody wants the boat arriving with damage. So get an accurate spec – it is so important.

Is your marina or boat yard equipped to load and unload your boat? Do they have an operating travel lift or fork lift with straps for loading and unloading? You need to know. If they do not, is there another operation close by that can accommodate your loading/unloading? Better find out. There is a very good chance your transporter may have calculated your Boat Transport Cost not figuring on his commercial style transport trailer not going into the water. If your driver puts his trailer in the water it is going to cost you for him to do so. These transports trailers travel thousands of miles in a season. Maintenance after the trailer goes in the water could mean hours of down time and hundreds of dollars for your driver. If he didn’t plan on putting the trailer in the water it is going to cost you.