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Flagship Boat Transport | Small Boat Transport Guide

Small Boat Transport Guide

Flagship Boat Transport is probably best known for transporting oversize boats and yachts.  However, we offer small boat transport on their own trailers of any size, be it power or sail on a daily basis. Generally, once a shipment is confirmed and scheduled it is usually moving within a week or less.  We will handle anything from pickup and delivery within in the state to an international shipment for small boat transportation

Small boat towingSmall Boat Shipping arrangements take less time from start to delivery. If you need it ASAP, we can do it!

In Small Boat Shipping when a vessel is being transported on its own trailer, it is called a Tow & Go. This is often less expensive and easily accommodated as long as the trailer is “road worthy”.  This means it is in good working order; tires are in good shape, brakes work, and has functioning lights. If the trailer is not in good working condition, ask about the boat being loaded on to one of our transport trailers for shipment.  However, it may be less expensive to service your trailer than for us to haul your boat and trailer. Height of the boat and trailer could be an issue if the two pieces are hauled.

Boat towing seems simple right? Small boat transportation should still be safe and insured. A small boat transport company to ship a boat still needs DOT and Motor Carrier Authority and proper insurance. Your insurance does not cover your boat shipping or boat towing by someone else who is being paid for the Boat Transportation.

Before moving your boat onto its trailer, replace or service the wheel bearing to prevent breakdown, as a rule, if your bearings have not been serviced in the last six months have it professionally done, as travel builds up tremendous heat which can cause failure. Salt-water exposure makes bearings especially vulnerable.

Have your tires checked for proper inflation, sufficient tread, cracks, bubbles, or gouges in the rubber, and remember that 5 year old+ tires should be replaced, as this will prevent blow out during transport.  Always have a spare tire. Even if you have to purchase one, the cost is nominal to what a service repair would be on the road. Your small boat transport company does not carry all the tools necessary for all repairs.

Small boat shippingCheck all wires and the lighting system to make sure all are in good working order and are easily seen, and have repairs done well in advance of your driver’s arrival. Make sure the coupler is in good working condition and grease if necessary. Brakes need to be tested, repair or replace if necessary. It is the shipper or owners responsibility to prepare the boat for transport.  Your small boat shipping company cannot accept responsibility for prep or damages if your trailer is not in excellent shape, however they will take the time to check to verify these things have been taken care of.  Please don’t ask your transporter to move your boat on your trailer if it is unfit to travel the required distance. A trailer in poor repair can endanger the safety of others, as well as the driver’s vehicle and your boat. You are responsible for any damage, repairs, and problems caused by your trailer.


Additional Items to Address Prior to Pickup

  • Bow and transom straps need to be in working order
  • Electronics should be removed and stored in a secure location, if possible
  • Cushions need to be stored below or safely secured
  • Canvas and bows need to be secured or stored below
  • All loose items need to be secured to avoid loss
  • Trailer needs to be licensed or a transporter tag needs to be arranged for in advance

Again, routine maintenance is less expensive and less time consuming than an unnecessary breakdown along the way.  If these items above are addressed prior to pickup your small boat transport will be smooth and safe. Ship a boat anywhere in the US or overseas with us. It is easier than you think boat shipping should be. Ship a boat on its own trailer or on our trailer either way.

Even if your boat is legal, not requiring permits, your Small Boat Transport Company needs to have a commercial driver’s license, motor carrier authority, and needs to be properly insured with liability and cargo insurance. If you pay someone to move your boat, you are insured but your driver is not, your insurance company more than likely will not pay for your loss. Don’t hire an illegal driver for your boat move because they are less expensive. It could cost you much more than just the transport cost.