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Refund Policy

Any refund of charges will appear on your credit card or paypal statement as  or

Flagship Boat Transport will offer a refund if your boat cannot be transported, if it is Flagship Boat Transport’s fault. However, if you the customer, your boat buyer/seller, your contractors, your agents, your boatyards and/or marinas are at fault and the boat cannot be transported then we will not offer a refund of the initial payment. Flagship Boat Transport is providing you the right to our time, efforts and valuable transport equipment. Flagship will attempt to reschedule the transport, additional cost could be incurred.

If we gave you a flat rate quote, we will do everything possible to complete the transport for the quote and the contracted amount per the transport agreement, unless you change the scope of the transport. If you change the scope of the transport after we receive the initial payment, we will discuss and requote the transport.

We also do not offer refunds due to:

1) changing the scope of the transport be it routing, pickup and delivery locations, pickup and delivery arrangements, boat specifications, etc.

2) either you or your marinas, boatyards, agents or contractors and/or the boat sellers/buyers of the vessel cancelling the transport

3) the customers marina, boatyard, agents, contractors, and/or the boat sellers/buyers of the vessel will not or cannot perform the work required in order for the vessel to be transported.

4) the project takes longer than originally expected, through no fault of ours or acts of God.

Our customers are responsible for reading and understanding the refund policy as well as their
Transport Agreement upon contracting any and all services from Flagship Boat Transport.

Please, verify your boat specifications, weight, trailer road worthiness (if applicable), and loading/unloading facilities (if applicable) and Flagship Boat Transport’s access to the boat prior to making your initial payment.

Once the boat is delivered (or in some cases at pickup) all transport balances and any additional cost as described in your transport agreement are due, regardless.