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Transporting your Yacht

Yacht Transport can be time consuming and nerve racking without the right transporter. Flagship Boat Transport handles all kinds of Boat Transportation – Small Boat Transport is fairly easy. Yacht Transportation is more complicated. Moving a Yacht needs a professional driver, more than likely an escort or two, and a good dispatcher and/or navigator.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Obtaining Permits for travel for each state (and in some city/town areas)

  2. Escorts (private and/or police) for some or all states/cities may be required

  3. Specific routes to accommodate an oversize load

  4. A contact person for the Yacht owner, the driver needs to focus on the road and the safety of his cargo as well as other vehicles on the highway

  5. Expertise in making sure the boat is loaded properly and secured on the transport trailer

Drivers more than likely have to be aware of state and city/town restrictions for travel. Can they travel during daylight hours only? Can they travel during peak traffic time frames in certain cities on specific highways? Construction is another key factor that can change routes. Once in a city or town there may be public utilities to be concerned about or township permitting.

Loading and unloading by a travel lift is almost a certain requirement. Trailers that are large enough to accommodate your yacht probably are not going to be allowed into the water by the owner. These trailers are most likely expensive commercial transport trailers – not Barry Boat Owner trailers. The boat must be properly set on the trailer with a preciseness that is not needed by most other cargo.

Yacht transport is not just a simple matter of loading the boat and your driver hitting the road towards its destination. It is involved. Depending on the size of the vessel a route survey could be required to make sure that bridges, toll areas, signage and utilities lines are not damaged. And we most definitely want to make sure your yacht suffers no damage. Route Surveys and some permits can take weeks to obtain.

Drivers traveling more than a 250 miles are probably going to have to stay at a truck stop or rest area overnight. They cannot leave before daylight, must be off the road long before dark to get a space or two spaces to stay for the night long before normal loads, and probably need to sit out during high volume traffic areas for rush hours. This means your driver probably will not cover more 100 to 400 miles in a day.

Yacht Movers are not your everyday truck drivers. They need to make sure that the boat is properly secured to start with and must check the boat on the trailer at each pit stop. Once the boat is loaded and gone from your pickup marina or yard, adjustment to how the boat sits on the transport trailer is minimal until it reaches its destination.

Choose a professional Boat Transport Company you can actually talk to from start to finish. Know what is and isn’t included in their quote and know what is expected of you and what you can expect from your Yacht Transport team.

Find the right team – start by going to yacht Transport for a quote then give us a call to discuss the logistics of your vessels move.