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Bonded and Insured

Small Boat Transport

Boats on their own trailers called a Tow N Go or a Drive-a-way by a Small Boat Company. Flagship Boat Transport hauls many small boats on their own trailers and ones needing a trailer. Now you have your Boat Transportation Quote and have made your choice of a Boat Movers – remember when transporting your smaller boat:

  • If it’s on its own trailer it is mostly less expensive to haul.
  • Smaller boats have less storage areas so make sure everything is secured in or on the boat.
  • Make sure your trailer is structurally sound.
  • Cover your electronics.
  • Secured the boat properly to its trailer, in front and the rear.
  • The boat trailer needs to have been serviced and have a spare.
  • Brakes, if the weight requires them – must work.
  • Lights must work.
  • Travel for legal size boats may occur after dark and on weekends, be ready to accept your boat with 24 hours’ notice.
  • Know the ball size and does the trailer have a current license plate?

Your Small Boat Transporter should have a commercial driver’s license, a motor carrier number and needs commercial liability and cargo insurance. Do not let just any body move your boat, just because of less money. It isn’t worth the risk to save a few dollars.

Maintenance done in advance can you money.