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Boat Transport Cost

Boat Transport Cost can be more than you were expecting.  Especially with increasing fuel prices as we approach the busy spring season. Ways to reduce the cost legitimately are few but here are some ideas:

  • Reduce unnecessary weight
  • Reduce the height if the boat is over 12’
  • Provide accurate dimensions to avoid add on charges
  • Make arrangements for loading and unloading with your boat yard or marina
  • Transport during the boating off season and be flexible
  • Trailer your boat


Estimate weight by the “dry weight” of your vessel and then add weight for equipment, attachments, fluids and “limited personal belongings” and plus a few extra pounds. If you know that your vessel is loaded with items that could reduce the weight – during prep – take them out. If you are not certain of the weight, if you provide us the year, make, and exact model we can help you determine the boats weight.  If there are major concerns regarding the weight, the rig can be weighed at the nearest facility, which is not the best situation, yet can avoid weight tickets and delays for the driver further down the road.

Height is a major issue that increases the cost of the Boat Transportation.  If a boat can be reduced that is being hauled on a transport trailer it is best to keep the height to 12’ or less.  This is cost effective as legal height is 13.5’ including the transport trailer. If you can reduce the height of the boat you need to and this will save you money on Boat Transport Cost. Often boat owners do not want to reduce the height, but it is in your best interest monetarily and for safety. If the railing, arch, bridge or equipment can come down then it needs to if it exceed 12’ from lowest to tallest point.

Loading and unloading with a transport trailer increases the cost greatly due to the time and liability. You will find that it is far less expensive for the facility where the boat is and is going to lift your boat with their travel lift or forklift with straps than for your driver to handle this. Also, there are some transport trailers that do not get put in the water at all.

Make sure you verify your dimensions – length and height overall, the beam and weight specs can add to your overall cost if they are inaccurately provided to your Boat Transporter due to the cost of oversize permits and potential pilot cars.

Boat Transportation Service depends on supply and demand just as with products. If Boat Transporters are busy your cost will increase. If you hold your Boat Moving Company to a particular day your cost will increase. Be flexible, talk with your boat yards get their cooperation in working to facilitate your move during a time frame that will work for them and the Boat Transporter during a time that is not as busy.

Is your boat trailer-able? Consider the purchase of a trailer if you will have need of one once it is at its new location or you may need one for future transport. If your boat is being towed on its own trailer – service it before your boat hauler arrives. Make sure the lights and brakes work (if brakes are required). Make sure you have a spare tire. One expensive repair and/or tow along the highway could have paid for new tires and service to your trailer. Also delays cost your driver time and that will cost you money.