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Covid-19 Boats

During the Pandemic many folks resorted to buying boats to be able to get outside with their loved ones
in distanced safe spaces. Since none of us really knew how dire or contagious Covid-19 was we worked
to keep our families safe and still enjoy some life in 2020, 2021 & some of 2022.
Boat Transport was off the wall!
Sailboat & trawler transportation could take months before you could receive your vessel. This due to
limited number of sailboat transport trailers and drivers along with delays in from Departments of
Transportation (DOT) and boatyard and marina restrictions.
Power Boats moved along a little quicker as there were more drivers and rigs that could handle boats
without a keel.
Boats on their own trailers were seen on the highway day and night, drivers, working to get to their
Drivers were overworked, fearful (somewhat – like everyone else) and stressed. Running without access
to food and resting facilities in many areas of 2020. Rest stops and some Truck Stops closed – meaning
no bathrooms and showers and restaurants. Stores with needed materials for trucking were often
closed. Many drivers could not get access to necessary medications.
If you were a woman trucker you better have everything you needed in your truck with you for your
own well-being. The few places open were set up for the gents in the industry as most truckers tend to
be men.
About the only thing that didn’t shut down were the DOT stops where the drivers still working were
handled with little regard for the new pressures of trucking. Some marinas and boatyards did not want
to come out of their businesses to load or unload boats and didn’t want to handle the paperwork. I
mean actually touch the paperwork. Other boat facility staff were happy to help and cared about the
boat mover’s safety as well as their own.
That is basically the worst of Covid on our industry. The best is we were busy.
But are the boat owners still enjoying their boats? Yes. Although movement of boats has slowed slightly
some boat owners are moving up in size, some are relocating their boats to other areas, and
maintenance is being done – all to keep Boat Haulers moving. Some are selling and moving on to other
interest, but not many. Days on the water is still a wonderful pastime.
Plan to get your boat move on the schedule now whether it’s a new boat, an upgrade boat or relocation.
We will get your vessel taken care of much easier than in the past few years and a bit sooner.
Wishing everyone smooth sailing and happy days.