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Alaska Boat Transport

Alaska Boat Transport

Alaska Boat Transporters have to follow the Alaska state DOT regulations at all times. Requirements for over size boats:

  • When transporting a boat in Alaska the hours of operation are regulated. Generally the hours of operation are one-half hour after sunrise to one-half hour before sunset.
  • Any boat over 8’6” wide must have a permit issued by the state. Allow at least 24 hours prior to transport to obtain a permit. Keep in mind that some cities and metropolitan areas may require additional permits.
  • Any boat up to 12’ wide will require one escort
  • Any boat 12’ to 14’ will require two escorts
  • Any boat 14’ to 18’ will require three escorts
  • Any load that can be reduced to legal, 13’6”, must be done so prior to transport.
  • Travel is NOT permitted on Sunday and restrictions may apply on federal and state holidays.
    For more info visit Alaska DOT at

This info applies to all Boat Transport, Powerboat Transport, Sailboat Transport,Yacht Transport, and Small Boat Transport.

**This information is being provided as a helpful guide to assist you in the transport of your vessel. Some of the information may have changed or been updated, so check local and state regulations to ensure accuracy. For your convenience we have listed a website for additional information.

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