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Know Your Boat Preparations

Who is going to prep your Boat Shipment – The marina, boatyard, you or a subcontractor? Most drivers do not carry the proper tools and supplies to prep your vessel for transport. Drivers are boat transporters not boat preparation experts. A seasoned Boat Transporter know what needs to be done to prep a boat properly, but his quote to transport usually doesn’t include this cost. Ask your transporter what needs to be done to prep the boat in addition to the prep person.

Check out Boat Transport for more details.

Secure all loose gear and electronics and stow them away if possible in a locked area. Cabinets and the cabin should be locked and stash the key somewhere you only know where on the boat for emergencies should the driver need to get into a locked area with your permission. Please note all water tanks must be empty and fuel on the vessel needs to be at a minimum. Remove the hull’s drain plugs. The bilge needs to be water free during transport, and in winter – all fluids should be drained from water systems, air conditioner, pumps, etc.

Remove anchors from the deck, disconnect and secure batteries.

A coat of linseed oil may prevent wooden boats from drying out. This type of conditioning may cause more dirt accumulation from the roads, but it is nothing that shouldn’t clean up easily.

Canvas Covers / Shrink Wrap

During transport, remove canvas covers to prevent tearing or loss. The transporter will not be responsible for damages, if these covers are not removed. Do you want the boat shrink wrapped? Unless it is being transported in winter weather conditions, we recommend not doing so. Most of the time the shrink wrap doesn’t hold up after about 1,000 miles. It is not worth the time to do so and the money, unless it is a brand new boat