Bonded and Insured Boat Transportation Company
Bonded and Insured

Brokers, what do they do?

Most people seem to hate the middleman. However, a professional broker earns their money and is not
just the guy or girl that gets the gravy.

Yes, a broker is the middle man. But that can work to your advantage. A good broker can reach out
within their industry to business associates, potential clients or tradesmen that you are not aware of.
Let’s face it they make a living off of who and what they know more so than what they do.

But a good broker works for you and only you. They know their business whether it is selling a home,
selling a boat or shipping a boat. A good broker earns their fee by keeping you informed and providing
you a true service.

Directing our attention to the Boat Transportation business a broker should be a professional. S/he
should have access to industry tools to get the word out there that you need your boat transported. Be
it a data base, load boards, etc. They handle the tradesmen. A broker needs to make sure that the
transporters are licensed and insured. As well as make sure that the equipment is satisfactory for
handling your vessel. It is the broker’s job to make sure the driver is experienced in handling your boat
no matter the size, whether it is a Small Boat Transport or a Yacht Transport.

At first it may seem that you may not want to deal with a broker. Yet consider that they are responsible
to you. It is their job to insure that you are protected, your driver shows, and your driver delivers your
property safely and in a reasonable time frame.

So if in fact, your transporter has the capability to dispatch your vessel to an owner operator or
transport your boat on their own equipment – you are much more likely to receive your boat in the time
frame that you expect than if your transporter does not have the capability to work with owner
operators. This scenario gives the transporter more opportunities to insure that your boat arrives on
time in addition to just arriving, whenever, thus providing you with some peace of mind, if you choose
the correct representative, to handle your move.