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Prepare for Early Boat Transport

Boat Transport – be it Yacht Transport or Small Boat Transport is best arranged in advance. Do not wait ‘til the last minute to find a Boat Mover. Flagship moves many small boats on their own trailers early in the season as well as helping the snow birds get back north once spring arrives. Many boat owners arrange for early transportation especially in the South and Mid-Atlantic states to avoid the rush and higher prices in April, May and early June.

Maintenance can be completed early to boat trailers and be made road ready for Small Boat Moves in the winter months to prepare early spring transport. This saves you money.  

Some mid-west areas and northeast states cannot load or unload your boat too early in the season due to inclement weather. However, if your boat must be hauled due to not being on its own trailer, IF your boat is in a state where winter days are 50 degrees and up, mostly, ask your boatyard or marina how early will they load you to get your vessel moved in March or thinking ahead February for coming years. Yards are less busy and your Boat Transporter is not as busy either.

Then again in late August, September and early October, when folks start moving away from early fall snows with their boats the same applies. So get your boat trailers worked on in the summer for the fall season and once again talk with your yard manager and find out if he can get your boat loaded early and back on its way to warmer temperatures.

The family owned, Flagship Boat Transport is always willing to provide boaters with a free quote for all your Boat Transportation needs and potential boat purchases.