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Reduce the Weight, Reduce the Cost

Do not weigh your Boat down while it’s is being moved on the highway. Boat transport can be costly if you have ever requested a quote, you know. One way you can reduce some of those costs and potential surprise charges is to drain water from the boat. This means water as well as sewage.

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Boat Transport & Height Issues

Boat transport with height issues is the tallest hurdle (no pun intended) and if the height is not reduced can be the most expensive part of shipping a boat. Legal height is 13’6”, this means from the ground to the tallest part of the vessel on the transport trailer. This is for all cargo not

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Why Boat Manufacturers and Brokers Should Contract

Professional boat transportation companies do the majority of their work with private boat owners. However, professional boat transport services have much to offer boat manufacturers and brokers, especially those who deal with high end vessels. So why should a yacht builder, or any other boat vendor for that matter, contract with a professional boat transportation

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Flagship Boat Transport :: Why Choose a Pro

An experienced Boat Transporter is valuable. Professional, reputable Boat Transport Companies or Boat Movers must be licensed by the state in which they operate. They must also have well maintained and up to date equipment in order to pass DOT inspections. Well trained drivers that know whether they can accommodate your vessel is a must. Boat

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Boat Transport International Boat Shipping

Flagship Boat Transport | International Shipping

International Boat Shipping takes a bit more organization and planning time, as there are many additional preparations that will need to be made in shipping a boat. Working to get you the best departure time, along with the most cost- effective rate to ship your boat can be time consuming. We can advise you on

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Boat Transport

Flagship Boat Transport | Prepare Your Boat Before Transport

Boat Transport Preparation Guide – General Overview There are many items that will need to be taken care of before you can safely Transport a Boat. Most of the preparation needed can be done by you or your agent. The marina and boat mover you choose can be a great resource for information. Most of

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Flagship Boat Transport | Small Boat Transport Guide

Small Boat Transport Guide Flagship Boat Transport is probably best known for transporting oversize boats and yachts.  However, we offer small boat transport on their own trailers of any size, be it power or sail on a daily basis. Generally, once a shipment is confirmed and scheduled it is usually moving within a week or

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Yacht Transport

Flagship Boat Transport | Prepare Before Your Yacht Transport

Getting Ready For Your Yacht Transport The safety of everyone on the road and your yacht must be yacht transporters’ first consideration. The word Yacht is a term used to describe a large or oversize boat. When we hear the word “Yacht”, it brings to mind images of a very large boat. Some are fit for

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Boat Transport SailBoat

Flagship Boat Transport | Prepare Before Your Sailboat Transport

Sailboat Transport Preparation Guide When considering a Sailboat Transportation project there are some areas that are unique to these boats that need to be addressed that are not covered in our other guides. If you have not viewed our Powerboat Transport Guide or our Boat Transport Guide there is additional information contained in those. Sailboat

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Flagship Boat Transport | Prepare Your Powerboat Before Transport

Powerboat Transport Preparation Guide Here we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the advance preparations needed before your powerboat transport is ready to commence. A lot of it is really just general common sense, although like most things, paying attention to all the small details is important in getting your powerboat transportation

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