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I have a hard time with weaknesses in others. I have weaknesses, yet I try hard to work on them and the desire to be a better person drives me. Weaknesses that bother me the most are laziness, obstinacy, tardiness and lying.

Winter is a time to slow down in our Boat Transport industry. It is a time to recreate and rest…some. The recreate part comes with looking at business practices and thinking about how to do a better job. Also, to think about the service we perform and strive to always be honest and work towards a job well done.

Respect for others is key. If we would all respect others and they all work to respect us most of the world’s problems would disappear. I know we are supposed to love and care about everyone but face it that is really tough. But to work to respect others property and feelings is easier.

To respect others feelings does not always mean that we have to be politically correct, but we all need to strive to not intentionally to hurt others and we need to not be overly sensitive when others are straightforward with us.

In the Boat Transportation industry we work with a diverse group of people. The well to do yacht owner, the first time very excited small boat owner, the free spirited sailor, hardworking fast talking truck drivers, sunburned salty dockworkers and the very detailed and structured marina owners. We must learn to work with and adjust our attitudes to meet their needs and demands.

In the Boat Moving industry – the weaknesses mentioned above run rampant, however, the number of people I encounter that strive to not be these things is great as well.

During this darkest and coldest time of the year let’s all seek to be the light and bring some warmth to others, by being there for others when we are needed and working hard for those we care about, as well as listening to others – remembering that we are not always right and work to tell the truth with diplomacy and understanding.

We wish all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy, healthy and successful New Year to all.