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Boat Buying

  When inspecting your potential boat-have your smart phone charged and ready to take pictures and to take notes with, and most important bring a flashlight and a mirror helps for those hard to see spots. After inspecting the vessel you will have your pictures and notes handy to ask the seller questions. Survey the

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2017 Hopes and Beams

If you are looking for a boat to live on, take the family for long weekend vacations on or want get in one spot and just enjoy what’s around on a day trip and head back to the docks…the beam should be as wide as you like and can afford. The wider the more room

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Reduce Cost

So your boat transport cost much more than you thought…here are some things that can reduce that cost. During this hopefully very short fuel crisis in the South this past week, cost of fuel has become a concern for us all with a southern drawl and those headed in that direction. One way you can

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Mid-West Hospitality

I sometimes like to give a shout out to marinas we visit. This time it’s for the mid-west. Folks often speak of Southern hospitality and in most places except Florida in the winter and spring it is a “real thing”.  However, in our travels this spring headed to St Joseph Michigan with a small boat

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Boat Transportation Safety

After the terrorist attacks of 2016 in Brussels and San Bernardino, in boat transport,safety is ever present on my mind. Especially as boat transporters, always on the roads and in public places, such as busy truck stops, ports, rest areas and marinas, where there are all kinds of people from all over. I have always

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Marlow-Hunter MH31

Flagship Boat Transport had the opportunity to move the MH31 recently and Wow a great cruising off-shore sailboat. The Marlow-Hunter 31 is the latest off-shore cruising model being made by this top-notch manufacturer and designers. She maneuvers and handles well without exception. Marlow-Hunter has 40 years’ experience building fine sailboats. Her exterior construction – hull

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Catamaran Style Boats

Having been a boating family and being in the boat transport business we had never really experienced Power Cats. But now working with World Cat out of Tarboro NC we have seen more than just a few come out of their factory. We have decided that we missed the boat, so to speak, when we

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Preparing for your Boat Pickup and Delivery

Ok, so you have committed to a transporter for your boat transport and you are set for pickup and delivery with your boat yard or marina, right? Maybe or maybe not… Verify the days your marina or boat yard is available to load and unload boats. Hours of operation are important but knowing what the

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Orange Beach Boat Show This Weekend

WharfBoatShow-New(3-11) from Hstrickland on Vimeo. Orange Beach Boat Show This Weekend Orange Beach, Alabama, famous for its wonderful family fun and great fishing, is sponsoring the Wharf and Yacht Show from 10 AM to 7 PM on Saturday and from 10 AM to 5 PM on Sunday. Hundreds of boats are being shipped in including

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Preparing For Small Boat Transport

Congratulations; you’re getting ready to move your small boat to new waters! You are likely to see new things and have great experiences, but first you need to get there. While you could transport your boat yourself, there are countless reasons why you should choose a pro. Only thing is, before you turn the boat

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