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One Eyed Pirates? No, One-Eyed Trucks

In traveling the highways and by-ways of America, it is a running joke about the number of one-eyed Chevrolet trucks we see.  If it wasn’t a tad scary it would be hysterical. Yet it is a way to pass the time as we handle Boat Transport pickups/deliveries. Even my 93 year old father-in-law, who still drives about our hometown has started noticing the anomaly.

One-eyed trucks, one-eyed SUVs, not many cars though – we have a three Chevy truck and a Chevy SUV in the family.  Two of the three trucks are often cruising down the road with only one lamp burning. We once again have to get a replacement bulb and put it in. Don’t get me wrong we are a Chevy family but it is getting to be an event to see how many Chevys we notice with a light out.

For the 40+ folks, as kids we played the travel game of looking for the different state license plates, right? Probably not now as noses are glued to smartphone screens, but this has become a travel game for us. Okay, counting one-eyed Chevys – three in VA, four in NC, three in SC, two in GA, five in FL, and so on during the course of just one trip.

Is it time that we as Chevy owners contact Chevrolet to do something? Yes, we should, but would they do anything? Hmmm, wonder what Chevrolet would say.

I think it is an electrical issue. Let us know what you think if you have a one-eyed Chevy or notice them on the roads.

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