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2017 Hopes and Beams

If you are looking for a boat to live on, take the family for long weekend vacations on or want get in one spot and just enjoy what’s around on a day trip and head back to the docks…the beam should be as wide as you like and can afford. The wider the more room and comfort.

If not, go sleeker. If you like speed or it’s just you or one more and don’t need the space choose a slimmer vessel. Small Boat Transport is easier and faster for your Boat Movers and less expensive for you.

Whether you are a sail boater or a power boater it works the same way.

Just a few reasons to purchase a slimmer model.

  1. Easier and less expensive to transport
  2. Less expensive at the dock
  3. Sleeker is usually faster

Boat Transport can be expensive. If you want to reduce cost height and width are issues to think about.  You can reduce the height but you cannot reduce the beam. 

Look for a vessel that is 8.5’ wide if you are looking at runabouts and fast/fun boats.

If you need a large vessel stay at 12’ wide or less. Manystates don’t require an escorts or just 1 in a few.

Need something even bigger?  Try to keep the beam at 14’ or less. Yes even 1” makes a difference. This keeps double escorts away in almost every state.

Boat Transporters will be paying each escort cost roughly $2 a mile. This varies of course depending on your sector of the US. 

If the boat is wider than 14’ you may want to consider transporting by water or at least stay on the same coast.

Whatever you decide, talk with professionals for Boat Transport, not car haulers or online auction style websites.  Start with