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Catamaran Style Boats

Having been a boating family and being in the boat transport business we had never really experienced Power Cats. But now working with World Cat out of Tarboro NC we have seen more than just a few come out of their factory. We have decided that we missed the boat, so to speak, when we lived on the Outer Banks of NC. A World Cat would have been a very nice vessel to have had for the family to fish, relax and cruise on.

The power cat’s design has select performance, structural integrity and an absolute fit. They are a well-made boat, smooth and strong on the water. World Cat uses top quality materials and experienced craftsmen in their manufacturing process. They have several designs to choose from, 23’ to 32’, cabins and dual consoles to center consoles. Models to suit just about every Captain.

The Livingston line of skiffs start at 9’ and move up to 19’. World Cats, Glacier Bay, and Livingston boats and skiffs can be seen all over in Florida to the Mid-Atlantic and North Atlantic, west to the Great Lakes and Washington State and south to the Gulf Coast.

Boat transport of these vessels is a pleasure. Many folks along the highways, comment to us that we can deliver the boat to their address, and we tell them – Yes we can, maybe not this one but one just like it can find a home on your dock! How? Check out World cat.