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Preparing for your Boat Pickup and Delivery

Ok, so you have committed to a transporter for your boat transport and you are set for pickup and delivery with your boat yard or marina, right? Maybe or maybe not…

Verify the days your marina or boat yard is available to load and unload boats. Hours of operation are important but knowing what the cut off is even more pertinent. Does the loading/unloading facilities have a travel lift or fork lift with straps? If it is a fork lift make sure they know the weight of your vessel. Is there room for a potential rig 75’ long to get in and get loaded or unloaded. Boats on their own trailers have their own set of preparation issues that are covered in a previous blog. If you are transporting your boat on its own trailer take a few minutes and read our last blog or just give us a call at 252-445-1480, we can answer any questions you may have.

It is also important to have an actual name of someone at the yard and their direct phone number for your transporter to reach the yard. This saves them and the yard time and eliminates aggravation. The folks at the yard can assist the driver with details on verifying the address, are there issues with height or width for the driver to be aware of, construction that may be going on that you the boat owner may not be aware of, etc. There are many things your boat yard or the marina can answer for the driver that you may not be able to.

Ask your marina or boatyard about charges for loading or unloading and verify how and when they want you to pay. Some facilities will not unload and most definitely will not load until all these types of charges are covered. You do not want the driver held up at pickup or delivery and sitting in the way of everyone at your boats new home or her departure location. It is often tight in marina parking areas and remember the reason you hired a transporter…more than likely he is in a rig over 62’ long.

Are there forms to be filled out and signed off on? Do they require proof of insurance? Some yards may ask you to sign a release. We have encountered yards that want a release to be signed freeing them of liability if they drop or damage your vessel &/or damage the transporters truck/trailer. If this is the case your transporter may require that you agree that you the boat owner and not the yard will be responsible for the damage to the transporters equipment. This can easily be avoided by just asking the yard or marina upfront for copies of all their forms pertaining to the loading, unloading and the storage of your boat.

As always, feel free to ask questions or join in with comments. We appreciate you taking the time to read our articles.