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Boat Transport & Height Issues

Boat transport with height issues is the tallest hurdle (no pun intended) and if the height is not reduced can be the most expensive part of shipping a boat. Legal height is 13’6”, this means from the ground to the tallest part of the vessel on the transport trailer. This is for all cargo not just boats. However, boats are pretty much all we transport. So that is our focus obviously. 

Department of Transportation states any load that can be reduced must be. Doesn’t matter that you don’t want to, it is what must be done to be legal on the highways.

Some states you can get by with it being 14’ without it being excessively expensive to transport and obtain a permit to move. But in the Northeast there are bridges that when they say 13’6” they mean it and if you are 13’6”or more in height you may have route problems and excessive cost to get it to its destination.  Obviously, no one wants your boat damaged! 

Average trailers add 18” in height to your loaded vessel. So it is best to be 12’ or less. There are low boys or wide bellys that add only 8” to the overall height. Now this is where it gets expensive. These are expensive and thus the cost of your move goes up.  If Height requires this type of trailer at least there is an option to move down the highway with one. 

If you think it is expensive to pay for the boat yard or a professional to prep and reduce the height of your boat, what until you pay for a lowboy or get caught with the vessel being over the legal height and have to try to reduce it while she is sitting at the inspection station on your driver’s trailer…this I do not recommend. 

Arches and bridges, believe it or not, can be easily removed and put back up. So can the radar, fishing equipment, towers, rails, etc.  In the long run to be prepared to remove these items in advance if necessary is well worth the extra time and money it takes to do so. 

If you need to move a yacht that is over 12’ feel free to call and talk with us we will do our best to advise you of your options.