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Recent testimonials

“Recent” testimonials… 



Happy to refer friends and customers to Flagship Boat Transport anytime!

Seth M. | Mar ‘16


Please, put me on the schedule to move my boat back to Newport News this spring. Thank you so much.


Michael H. | Feb ‘16


I will not hesitate to use Flagship in the future. 


Scott W. | Jan ‘16


Thank you for all you do. I know our World Cats are in good hands and the dealers love your timeliness and communication with them! 


Chrissy H. | Dec ‘15


Thanks bunches for helping me move our factory sailboats.


Emily E. Nov ‘15


It is a pleasure to hear my customers say, say that y’all are professional and work over time to accommodate transporting their boats.


Brian M. | Oct ‘15


Flagship picked up my Grady White on time and delivered on time, no worries, no extra charges or problems to St James FL. 


Marc P. | Sept ‘15


Thanks for getting my Chris Craft to FL from MA in the storm safely and taking proper measures to insure.


John B. |Sept ‘15


My Proline arrived on time and at a good rate too. Suzan made sure communication was clear between the marinas and the driver and kept me informed re: pickup and delivery. 


Stephen C.| Aug ‘15


Thanks Flagship for transporting my Island Packet to Pensacola FL safely and on time. As a Navy man my schedule is full and you did what you said you were going to do, when you were going to do it. 


Jason V. | Jun ‘15


My small boat transport went so smooth. I had my Pursuit in time for SAT fishing with my son, after just closing on it the TUE before. 


James D.| May ‘15


Thanks for taking on my short tow-n-go move. I just didn’t have the time to go after the C-Hawk myself. 

C-Hawk| May 6



I will be calling you the next time I need a boat moved.


Mary B.| Apr ‘15